Public Transition

Public Transition

As an important part of urban transportation, public transport is our first choice for travel after government and the public advocate low carbon environmental protection and green travel. Due to many blind spots in safety and security management of public transport in the past, accidents caused by illegal driving and illegal and criminal behavior inside the car are widespread despite repeated prohibitions, there’re a lot evidentiary difficulties; Informatization level of bus fleet and utilization rate of vehicles are low; There’re also such difficult problems as low efficiency, high cost and cash management in traditional artificial ticketing. All the above problems put forward a great challenge to management level and service level of urban public transport in China, so the public security departments and transportation company expect some modernized and informationized means to solve this urgently.

Urban public transport vehicle wireless monitoring scheduling system developed by Shenzhen Hongdian Technologies Corporation can real-time monitor city buses, providing effective basis for traffic accident and the illegal events. It effectively strikes illegal and criminal activities, ensures the safety of people's life and property. The system integrates intelligent scheduling function and the IC card system, greatly improves the efficiency scheduling and management of the bus company, and enhances the capacity level of the city bus while reducing the operating cost.

1. Monitor driver to avoid Irregular driving

2. Monitor the door for driver to have good control to avoid passengers be clamped.

3. Provide complete evidence for police when emergencies case happens.

4. Report to center immediately when vehicle breakdown to avoid accidents

5. Automatic station announcement

6. Easy maintenance

7. High definition recorded video as evidence

8. Scientific scheduling of bus line to satisfy different requirement of traffic peaks and flats

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