Public WiFi

Public WiFi

In recent years, with intelligent mobile terminals gradually popularization, people's demand for the Internet in our daily life is more and more big, the rich application increased dependence on the network.Public areas in growing Numbers are beginning to provide WIFI hot spots in the network, the user through public WIFI network, can be on-demand access to wireless Internet anytime and anywhere.According to market Research firm ABI Research said that total global WIFI hot spots in 2013 to 4.2 million, is expected to increase by 2018. according to this calculation, during the period of 2013 to 2018, the world of WIFI hot spots compound annual growth rate of 15%.In China, with the rise of a new round of wireless city, promoting value operators, public WIFI will as a government people-benefit  project get great popularity.Based on this, Hongdian corporation relying on for many years in the field of wireless data transmission technology strength, launched a public area WIFI hot spot system.

The system according to the characteristics of public places, the Hongdian corporation Freewifi intelligent terminal as a exports of whole network, providing Internet access services. network deployment of multiple Freewifi intelligent terminal, that was realized through multiple devices, wireless coverage area.At the same time, provide portal authentication interface, can with the local or Internet authentication server system for docking.After user access to a wireless network, need to specify the page number to register online by mobile phones, mobile phone number of certification to surf the Internet.

1.Easy deployment: terminal can be deployed in any public places need wireless internet access

2.Intelligent flow control: intelligent adjusting export bandwidth and wireless resources, guarantee the Internet boom all access to the user to be able to smooth access to the Internet

3.Seamless switching: without repeated authentication, as long as it is in a unified place, walking no matter what the user will not be dropped calls reconnection

4.Data acquisition: support portal authentication, can with the local or Internet authentication server system for docking, collect users identity and data

5.Push service: with functions of remote information push, further promoting the value of the network, can help push business advertising revenue

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