Smart Grid

Smart Grid

Increased requirement of Electrical Energy accelerate smart Grid build, as the Grid became smarter, M2M communication acted a more important role in monitoring of the grid.

Smart Gird is powerful and also vulnerable, there are countless electrical parameters like voltage, power, current. Smart Grid needs continuously measured those parameters and sent them to a control center where the monitoring of the data is made,and without human intervention. And this monitoring system involves varies of M2M device.

Smart Grid monitoring system includes multiple sensors, PLC, communication device which connect sensors or PLC to internet, and monitoring cloud platform, and sometimes solar power supply for senors.

Sensors: humidity, temperatures, infrared cameras, anemorumbometer, current leak sensors, ice cover sensors.etc

PLC: local meter reading , monitoring and control

Power Supply: solar panel power system

Climate change or severe whether cause errors and accident in grid system, and bring heavy economic loss. A Smart Grid needs deploy multiple sensors and for grid network and concentrator  

Smart Grid Monitoring System involves all the elements above and observing whether all the parameters are within the scheduled limits or not and the Controlling of the Electrical System involves the necessary actions that are to be taken if the electrical parameters are not within the scheduled limits. Hence the system in which the data like Voltage, Power, and Current are continuously measured and is sent to a control center by M2M device through cellular network or land line. This process is automatically running and with minimum human intervention.

M2M Communication and automated maintenance is key feature in this system, otherwise it cannot be a SMARTGRID. Usually adding M2M features is the first step to transform the Conventional Grid into the Smart Grid and we Hongdian provide various M2M communication device suits different case, and build link from one machine to the other machine.

Work with your data server or smart grid system, two-way cellular communications between equipment and server, allows you monitor grid parameters timely and receive alerts that reduce or eliminate manual processes.

Minimum human intervention
Most of the data regularly upload to servers by cellular network , and reduced human polling   frequency, also reduced cost.

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