Smart Signage & Advertisement

Smart Signage & Advertisement

Enterprises and retailers now are using the IoT solution to connect their Signage and advertisement Screen. Once they need change the content, digital signage will download it from manage system by cellular network, this process is traditional and lack of flexibility and less efficiency in marketing, this could be even more smarter. 

Usually the current signage build by a screen controller, cellular gateway and accessories. Now it could be simplified, connecting the signage or advertisement screen with a industrial android computer wiil do all. The display control, cellular modem, content storage, edge computing ability, your own APPs, all in the industrial android computer.

For over decades the screen become bigger and popular, customers no longer satisfied with a screen shows same content everyday, they need it smarter and dynamic advertising. A all in one industrial android computer is a ideal solution. Compare with traditional solution, itself support multiple display output like HDMI, VGA, LVDS, also support cellular communication. Simply connect it to a screen and it becoming a smart terminal. You could update advertisement real-time, and its powerful Android system bring more advantages.

More accessories could connect to this smart screen now, for example, when work with camera and analyzing Apps, screen could recognize different feature of people like sexual, age, and show more targeted advertisement. Work with mic and speaker, it has the capability  of voice interaction. And it could support third party IoT edge computing component, and be a critical part in smart city.

All in one

Video output and cellular communication make this solution suitable for most existence screen, simple connection make the screen smart and connect to internet.


Friendly System

Android is more and more popular in the world, and you can easily create your Apps on this platform and make your screen unique.


High performance

With powerful hardware, it support 4K display and multiple screens, and more room for IoT edge computing.



Optimized system for display purpose, and a watchdog for your apps in case any crush happens.

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