Vehicle Surveillance

Vehicle Surveillance

With the rapid development of the wireless communication technology, and the improvement of the safety monitoring system, the vehicle surveillance will have more development space. As people become more and more rely on the various vehicles in their life, traffic safety is becoming more and more important. In order to reduce traffic death rate, many countries over the world have put forward many requests for buses, lorries, dangerous goods vehicles and other vehicles. Shenzhen Hongdian Technologies Corporation have launched the MDVR series products and the wireless monitoring and control system for the real time video monitoring of various large vehicles make the vehicles easier to monitor, manage, and ensure driving safety. 

Hongdian video wireless monitoring system is mainly composed of camera, MDVR, vehicle management software and etc. The MDVR series products set up the video recorder, screen splitter, PTZ camera control, alarm control, network transmission and other functions in one, and provide good network communication ability to ensure smooth channel, including Ethernet cable connection, 3G/4G network and WiFi connection. The recording videos follow the H.264 standard, and can be stored in the local hard disk of the MDVR or the remote server. The vehicle owner or administrator can remotely view the real-time videos or the history videos through the web page, the computer client, or cellphone APP client, and  make drivers to keep a safer driving with multiple management functions.

1. Video recording and timing image capture, help to record the vehicle status

With large capacity hard disk, the high definition video can be save in local storage to record the driving status every day, and with the image capture, it can save the scene images with less storage space.

2. Real-time video surveillance, remote view of the scene

The MDVR supports the cameras of 4~6 channels in max, which allow the driver easily view all the internal situation of vehicle. Also,the MDVR supports 3G/4G connection provide the remote real-time video and audio for the administrator and vehicle owner, which help to make passengers and drivers can be more orderly.

3. With GPIO, serial port and etc. , support multiple function expand

The MDVR product support more expand function with rich interface, which allow more external devices and sensors accessing, such as printer,oil quantity sensor,temperature sensor,and etc.

4. High compatibility,follow the industry mainstream standards

The protocols of MDVR product follow the industry mainstream standard, and the device is compatible with the third party vehicle management platforms, easy for managers to use and partial upgrade and replacement


5. Server platform unified managing

The MDVR equipment of multiple locations can be unified maintained and managed through the server platform. The equipment support GPS positioning, radio, intercom, alarm, remote control and other functions, and can be convenient managed in batch


6. Auto upload video via WiFi, save key videos to server

When the vehicle stay at the parking lot, the MDVR can be set to connect to the WiFi AP to upload the video (such as history video, alarm video) to server for permanent storage. 

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