Video Surveillance

Video Surveillance

With the rapid development of the wireless communication technology, and the improvement of the safety monitoring system, the video surveillance will have more development space; Shenzhen Hongdian Technologies Corporation have launched the DVR series products and the wireless monitoring and control system for the real time video monitoring of various applications, such as factory, housing, transportation, and etc. to provide anytime and anywhere monitoring, make people's lives safer.

Hongdian video wireless monitoring system is mainly composed of camera, DVR, server, client, and etc. The DVR series products set up the video recorder, screen splitter, PTZ camera control, alarm control, network transmission and other functions in one, and provide good network communication ability to ensure smooth channel, including Ethernet cable connection, 3G/4G network and WiFi connection. The recording videos follow the H.264 standard, and can be stored in the local hard disk of the DVR or the remote server. The users can view remotely view the real-time videos or the history videos through the web page, the computer client, or cellphone APP client.

1. Real-time video surveillance, remote view of the scene

The DVR is connected to the server via 3G/4G, WiFi, Ethernet cable, and so on, to provide the remote real-time video.

When the video surveillance is installed in the crime prone areas, and high risk area, it can allow the administrator to monitor the scene remotely in real-time, to ensure the monitoring workplace safety, and effectively prevent theft and illegal crime.

When the video surveillance is installed in the fire and disaster prevention area, It is helpful for the managers to observe the environment in real time, and deal with the dangerous situation quickly.


2. Video saved in local storage and server storage  

Video can be saved in the local hard disk and server, which is conducive to the integrity of the video data.

When monitoring on-site production safety accidents, the accident, operator error etc. can then restore the process through the history of video recording, to trace the illegal behavior, to pursue the relevant event responsibility, correct errors in a timely manner to make up for the loss.

When any accident occurred in the monitoring site, the monitors can view the historical video from the local storage or the server storage to playback field process. It is conducive to tracing illegal and criminal acts, timely correcting errors to make up for losses, and etc.


3. Server platform unified managing

The DVR equipment of multiple locations can be unified maintained and managed through the server platform. The equipment support GPS positioning, radio, intercom, alarm, remote control and other functions, and can be convenient managed in batch


4. Multi monitor, multi client support

It can be simultaneously monitored by multi user, and support multiple clients including computer client, cell phone APP client, and also support web page login, which are convenient and easy to use.

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