Water Monitoring

Water Monitoring

With the development of social economy, the problem of water pollution of the environment more and more,all countries around the world in strengthening the monitoring of water environment.at present most of the countries and regions is the main chemical on the water environment monitoring, namely artificial regularly or irregularly on-site sampling, testing, water quality analysis.such big workload and randomness, can not accurately reflect the whole process of the change of water quality.so how to improve the water environment monitoring means and methods is particularly important.Hongdian corporation in sufficient research, investigation, consultation on the basis of customer comments, developed a set of economical and practical wireless water environment monitoring system.

System mainly consists of a monitoring center, several fixed monitoring stations, several special LED display and GPRS/CDMA wireless terminals.the monitoring center control each  fixed monitoring station monitoring center, the fixed monitoring station to collect all kinds of pollution parameters,between the center and station  transfer data through the GPRS/CDMA wireless terminals.monitoring stations can be set to automatically send information to the monitoring center;can also be set as usual in the standby state, upon receipt of the monitoring center of the instructions and then sends the information to the monitoring center.the monitoring center and can be collected from data through the GPRS/CDMA wireless terminals transmitted to LED display screen,at the same time, the monitoring center can modify and update the information which show on the LED screen by remotely at any time.

1.Strong real-time:GPRS/CDMA with real-time online, the system without time delay, it can well meet system for data acquisition and transmission of real-time requirements.

2.Remote control:through GPRS/CDMA can realize time correction , status reports, switch control of instruments , and can be the remote online upgrade system

3.Low construction cost:due to adopt GPRS/CDMA public platform,don't need to build the network, just installed equipment

4.Monitoring rang:system can satisfy the mountains, villages and towns, that remote and dispersed areas

5.Good extensibility:due to the GPRS/CDMA network has covered wide, there is no blind area, which can realize a wide range of online monitoring, to meet the requirements of the water environment monitoring of coverage


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