Digital hospital

Digital hospital

As a result of the domestic public health management system is imperfect, the high medical costs, less channels, low coverage of problems troubling the people's livelihood of the masses. Especially with the health system of the "low efficiency, poor quality of medical service, medical care and expensive medical treatment" represented by the medical problem for the main focus of social concern. Big hospitals are overwhelmed, community hospitals, patients are cumbersome procedures and so on problems are due to poor medical information, medical resources polarization, medical supervision mechanism is not congruent causes, these problems have become the important factors that affect the harmonious development of society. So we need to build a set of intelligent system of medical information network platform, make the patients with shorter healing time, pay a basic medical expenses, can enjoy safe, convenient, high-quality medical services.

Digital hospital is the Internet of things technology applied in the field of modern hospital, mainly has the functions of wisdom hospital system, and the remote service center of two parts.

 1. wisdom hospital system: System through the Hospital Information System and Laboratory Information Management System, the Information of medical image storage System and the transmission System, implement the patient diagnosis and treatment information and administrative management information collection, storage, processing, extraction and data exchange.

2.remote service center: Doctors in remote service center through the front wisdom hospital system of collection, storage and transmission patient health and medical information analysis, to develop a scientific and reasonable treatment, at the same time, the system will sync production course record, including inspection record, diagnosis, and all medical procedures such as prescription records.

The wisdom of the high efficiency, high quality and affordable medical treatment not only can effectively improve the quality of medical treatment, more can effectively prevent the rising medical costs. Wisdom medical practitioners can search, analysis, and refer to a large number of scientific evidence to support their diagnosis, at the same time can also make doctors and medical researchers, drugs such as suppliers, insurance company the whole medical benefit ecosystem of each group. Between different medical institutions, set up medical information integration platform, the business process integration between the hospital and medical information and resources can be Shared and exchanged

1. Remote visit

Direct contact with patients to avoid visitors, put an end to the spread of disease, shorten the recovery process

2. Remote consultation

Support the optimal allocation of medical resources sharing and cross-regional 

3. Automatic alarm

Monitor the vital signs of patients data, reduce the cost of icu

4. Clinical decision system

Assist doctors analysis detailed records, to provide basis for accurate and effective treatment

5.Intelligent prescription

Analysis in patients with allergic and medication history, reflect the information such as drug production batches, effective information, in the treatment of chronic diseases and health care to provide the reference

6.Convenient networking

Don't need a mobile device, do not need wiring, installation is simple

7.Quickly locate fault

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