Hongdian attended Embedded World2017, received high praise from customers

The 2017 Embedded World exhibition in Nuremberg Germany International Exhibition Center came to a successful close on 16th March. Hongdian Corporation was invited to participate in 2017 Embedded World,not only enhanced the  European cooperation relationship already attained, but also developed a large number of potential customers , laying  the foundation for exploring the international market.
This exhibition was unprecedented, more than 900 exhibitors, the display area of 30000 square meters, attracted thousands of visitors. Showing a booming trend of embedded electronics industry.
 It was the second time for Hongdian to attend Embedded World, With a superb level of technology and high-performance, Hongdian products once again became the focus of attention! The exhibit is mainly divided into 4 parts as following:
1. NB-IoT, Lora Modem/Gateway
LPWAN is a trend of Iot in the future , with the characteristics of low power consumption and low cost , Hongdian NB-IoT/Lora Modems are very popular in the exhibition.
2. 4G/3G/2.5G Industrial router and 4G/3G/2.5G Modem
Hongdian wireless communications products have been comprehensively upgraded to whole network multi-mode now, and more than 5 million Hondian devices are applied to industry control, electricity, weather environmental protection, commercial chain, finance, government etc., help customers improve operating efficiency, reduce operation and maintenance costs, achieve digital transformation.
3.Media Bus WiFi and Mobile DVR
Based on the overall solution for Internet of Vehicles, Hongdian not only concerned about the safety of vehicles, but also attached great importance to the enjoyment during the trip ,now Hong has become China's largest supplier of bus wifi products and exported to France, India, Thailand and other countries.
4.Smart cloud management platform and android industrial terminal
During the exhibition, Hongdian smart cloud management platform was highly commented from many customers, it could not only support thousands of devices online at the time online, 100,0000 level strong terminal management; but also classify the devices , save the costs of network management and terminal maintenance , has become the preferred helper for lots of clients . 
Embedded world lasted 3 days and it was a harvest tour. Not only had we brought back a lot of advice from end users and invaluable dealers. But also many clients had expressed great cooperation intentions. Hongidan booth attracted a lot of visitors and our staffs were always maintaining the serious attitude and great enthusiasm during the exhibition.
“Smart the world” is always our goal. Next Stop: Singapore CMMA2017.  Let’s stay tuned! 

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