China Unicom and Hongdian jointly build a 5G+AIoT Joint Innovation Laboratory

On December 28, the 5G + Industrial Internet Application Innovation Seminar and China Unicom & Hongdian 5G IIoT Joint Innovation Laboratory Launch was held in Shenzhen. With the theme of "5G Leading Industry to Build a Foundation" and witnessed by nearly a hundred strategic partners, the conference officially unveiled the mystery of the "China Unicom & Hongdian 5G IIoT Joint Innovation Laboratory" and announced The first batch of outstanding achievements in the laboratory- Industrial 5G+WiFi Mesh Networking Solution + Industrial Gateway No. 1.

Zecheng Guo, chief engineer of Hongdian Co., Ltd., summarized the core of the new Industrial 5G+WiFi Mesh Networking Solution; It is a wireless network solution for large & open areas, creating an all-round connection network from single to multiple, solving the entire space All of the equipment access and identification to achieve multi-network integration, will be widely used in the digitalization scenarios of smart factories, smart ports, smart logistics and other industries.

“The cooperation between Hongdian and China Unicom has a long history," said Shaozhou Zuo, chairman of Hongdian, in his speech at the conference. Based on the GPRS network DTU product, in the 5G era, the joint innovation laboratory of 5G Industrial Internet of Things will be launched again. In the future, both parties will uphold the concept of "innovation, openness, and cooperation" and build it into an open platform for 5G IoT technology research, testing and certification, and accumulate more and better practical experience for 5G+ IIoT applications. In the future, Hongdian will consolidate the core competitiveness of the industrial Internet, help industry customers build a benchmark for 5G+IioT applications, and sail to the new blue ocean of 5G industrial intelligence with China Unicom and other partners, promot the large-scale development of the industrial Internet field.

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