MeiG Smart and Hongdian Corporation sign cooperation agreement to promote 5G+AIoT industry development

On February 17, CEO of MeiG Smart and a group of relevant business personnel visited the headquarters building of Hongdian.


MeiG Smart’s CEO visited Hongdian 5G+AIoT Innovation Display Center(Third from the left)


They visited Hongdian 5G+AIoT Innovation Display Center and Reliability Verification Lab, during which they learned about Hongdian's milestone, product technology innovation, business layout and development strategy, and gained a better understanding of Hongdian’s new products and applications.


After the visit, the IoT industry ecological cooperation seminar was held between the MeiG Smart team and Hongdian team, mainly focusing on the future development of 5G and the technology of AIoT industry.


IoT industry ecological cooperation seminar site


During the meeting, both parties shared their respective companies' products and market situation. Ding Jing, Product Director of Hongdian, introduced the achievements of Hongdian in the 5G IoT industry market. Hongdian has so far released many different forms of commercially available 5G IoT communication terminals, taking 5G technology as the grip and the basic business of manufacturing enterprises as the entrance to comprehensively help manufacturing enterprises realize digital transformation, and has now landed a total of thousands of 5G projects.


Ding Jing, Product Director, Hongdian Corporation


Zhang Qiuyue, General Manager of MBB Product Line, introduced in detail the company's 4G/5G MBB products and 4G/5G smart modules. Based on Qualcomm's platform, MIG has built a number of cost-effective 5G modules and ultra-high computing power 5G smart modules, which have been applied in many 5G IoT scenarios around the world, helping to accelerate the implementation of IoT applications in thousands of industries.


Zhang Qiuyue, General Manager of MBB Product Line, MeiG Smart


During the seminar session, both sides exchanged views on the development of 5G IoT industry and technology, and reached consensus in numerous areas. Both companies will start more product and technology exchanges and cooperation in key areas such as industrial internet and new energy. Currently, 4G connectivity is still the mainstay of cellular IoT development due to the maturity of the 4G industry chain, perfect 4G network coverage, strong market demand and the impact of 2G/3G decommissioning. With the rise of 5G technology, 5G has started to be applied on the ground in a large number of industries in recent years, and a number of demonstrations have been formed that can be replicated on a large scale. As 5G continues to evolve, infrastructure, industry ecology, costs and application scenarios will continue to improve, and 5G will definitely become the mainstay of cellular IoT in the future. 5G NR-Light (also known as RedCap) is seen as an important driver in the process of 5G to B scale up applications. As a new category of 5G technology, NR-Light will effectively reduce the cost and power consumption of IoT terminals, which will be more conducive to the large-scale commercial application of 5G.



Representatives from both sides sign the strategic cooperation agreement


Subsequently, Hongdian and MeiG Smart signed a strategic cooperation agreement. Both parties will focus on the 5G+AIoT field, cooperate in joint innovation of product solutions and application implementation in the principle of development, win-win, equality and mutual benefit, and give full play to the synergy effect to jointly assist the digitalization and intelligent construction of the industry.



Du Guobin, CEO of MeiG Smart

At the end of the meeting, leaders from both sides made concluding remarks on the event. Du Guobin, CEO of MeiG Smart, said that the development of 5G is unstoppable and hoped that both sides would strengthen technical exchanges in the field of 5G IoT, explore innovative applications of 5G and inject new momentum into industrial development.



Zhang Zhenyu, President of Hongdian Corporation


Zhang Zhenyu, President of Hongdian Corporation, expressed his affirmation of the success of the event and said that in the future, he hoped both sides would further strengthen communication, give full play to their respective advantages in technology, resources and market, accelerate the innovation and promotion of 5G IoT products and jointly promote the development of the IoT industry.


In the future, MeiG Smart and Hongdian will continue to maintain a friendly strategic partnership, uphold the concept of open innovation and win-win cooperation, and work together with partners in the industry chain to promote the development process of IoT industry.

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