Hongdian won the 2022 Guangdong Branch Gold Partner Award


On March 31, 2023, the 2023 China Mobile Guangdong Branch Partner Conference was held in Guangzhou. Over 100 representatives from terminal manufacturers, digital ecology, channel chains, vertical industries, integrators and other major fields attended the conference to discuss the new future of development in the new digital era.


As an excellent 5G+AI commercial telematics product and solution service provider in China, Hongdian was awarded 2022 Gold Partner by China Mobile Guangdong Branch based on its outstanding technical research and development capability, mature 5G Telematics application construction cases and the excellent performance of its self-developed multi-mode 5G in-vehicle intelligent video terminal in the project.


The fourth from the right is the representative of Hongdian Corporation


Hongdian multi-mode 5G vehicle-mounted intelligent video terminal is a product that integrates integrated gateway and vehicle-mounted video functions. It realizes real-time acquisition and transmission of multi-channel HD video through multi-mode 5G load balancing and bandwidth binding, and supports DSM camera and fatigue driving analysis. The product can also be combined with the Macro iScan vehicle networking platform to provide users with an overall turnkey vehicle solution. Support 2Tops or higher computing power to implement other businesses of AI edge computing. Based on the standard design of vehicle gauge level, it is widely used in the vehicle-mounted field of medical ambulance, rescue vehicle, sanitation vehicle, mining card and other special industries. It can also be applied to the logistics shuttle, logistics trucks in smart industrial parks, the unmanned vehicle inspection and other unmanned fields with the combination of computing force customization or AI box.


The development of digital economy is a strategic choice to grasp the new opportunity of the new round of technological revolution and industrial change. In the future, Hongdian will continue to leverage its technology and application advantages in the field of IoT wireless communication, join hands with Guangdong Mobile and other outstanding partners to open a new era of digital intelligence, deeply promote the integration of 5G into more industries, and help the digital economy flourish.


Focusing on IoT market , helps customers improve the capability of decision-making and controlling

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