H7710 Cellular Serial Modem

H7710 Cellular Serial Modem

H7710 4G serial modem is a terminal product based on 4G, compatible 2G/3G data communication network. adopts industrial terminal interface, product design meets the industrial standard, embedded MQTT, TCP/IP and other protocols, helps the transparent data communication from user equipment to data centre.

4G / 4G + modem

compatible with 2G / 3G, automatic dialing, keep online, no need secondary development, built-in TCP / IP transmission mode. Built-in TCP / IP, built-in MQTT protocol stack.

Support transparent transmission, efficient and secure data transmission

· Support transparent transmission, efficient and secure data transmission. Support RTU and data center transparent data transmission

· Built-in TCP / IP, supports MQTT, various transmission methods simplify the development

· The platform supports data transfer, remote parameter configuration, and restart control

· AT over serial protocol, parameter configuration, restart control

· Support heartbeat detection, operation and higher maintenance efficiency ,lower cost price.

· Registration packet, heartbeat packet ,LogOut Packet can be customized under the Transparent link.

· Support data transmission, remote parameter configuration, restart control through the macro DDP protocol

Support private network access, data transmission more secure

• Support mobile operator's APN network

• The DSC addressing mode supports fixed IP addresses and domain names support for obtaining the specified IP appointed by the mobile network

Scaled & centralized management based on M2M cloud platform

• Equipment failure alarm increases the online rate of equipment in remote areas

• SIM card management enhances the scaled management capabilities with no need of fixed IP.

• Operation upgrade & faults self-recovery ensure smooth transmission of pipelines

• Multiple encryption technology ensures communication link data security

•Remote management & maintenance reduces operation and maintenance costs, improves efficiency

• Support network management function, traffic controlled & managed available reduces operation and maintenance costs

• Automatically generates business statistics reports provides a strong basis for operational decisions

• A variety of interfaces optional , compatible with all serial ports of lower computer

• Support RS-232 / RS-422

Industrial design, 7*24h stable operation

Product devices are provided by the well-known suppliers, reliable quality Using industrial design, passed the EMC four tests to ensure transmission stability

Scientific design improves installation efficiency

· Small product size 93x54x22mm, only 150g, low requirement for installation environment.

· User-friendly design, installation bracket and shell integration, greatly improves installation efficiency.

1.Industrial Design for Remote Data Transmission

Rugged design for unattended environments

All components are industrial grade

Support RS-232/485/422/TTL

Wide voltage input 5-36 VDC

EMC design


2.Support Multiple Protocol Stacks to Meet Variety of Applications

Built-in multiple communication protocols: PPP, TCP/IP, UDP/IP, DDP protocol, AT+ protocol

Support TCP/IP Server/Client, UDP/IP, DDP, SMS, AT

Support APN network

Always online, check the network status automatically

Redial if the network is down to trigger online by data, ring, SMS

GPRS and SMS backup and switch

Data loop testing

Support up to 4 data service center communication

Support main/backup data service center communication

Support customized setting for each data service center


3.Easy Configuration, Easy Management

Self-define transparent or protocol communication

Self-define last packet idle interval and MTU

Self-define re-connecting interval

Self-define online report interval

Self-define heart-beating data frame

Full function development package

Complete set of Chinese and English version demo source code (VB, VC, C#, Delphi)

Complete function data service center software for transparent data transmission

Powerful data service center testing tool


4.Cloud Management Platform to Monitor and Manage the Modems Remotely

Monitor working status of the modems remotely

Check the network status in real time

Get the statistics of the modem working status

Upgrade the firmware of modem remotely

Trouble shooting of modems on platform remotely

Multi-carrier (3G/4G LTE) YES
Remote Manager(Wedora Cloud Platform) YES
Digital I/O 3
LED Indicator 3
Power Supply 5-36V
Enclosure Industrial metal case, Wall Mounting
Dimension(mm) 112.3*70*22
Weight 190g
Management Config tool/Hongdian Wedora Cloud
Working temperature -20~+70℃
Storage temperature -40~+85℃
Safety Standards GB/T 25119
EMC Standards EN61000-4-2,level 4
EN61000-4-3,level 3
EN61000-4-4,level 4
EN61000-4-6,level 3
EN61000-4-8,>level 4
Mechanical Environmental testing IEC60068-2-27


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