H9380P Industrial Android Computer

H9380P Industrial Android Computer

H9380P 4G IPC (Industrial Personal Computer) is an intelligent industrial control device with high reliability and low power dissipation designed with embedded microprocessor and embedded operating system.

Android system brings richer applications and more convenient experience

• Rich Android market applications and self-developed applications

• Support background services to monitor applications

• Specified APP full screen auto-open and abnormal automatic recovery

Smart dial-up, 4G/3G all network and real-time communication

• Support 3G/4G automatic dial-up; APN adaptive dial-up

• Support 3G/4G network link self detection and self maintenance mechanism, abnormal fast automatic recovery

• Support independent dial-up process daemon and dial-up optimization to ensure 3G/4G real-time communication

Statuses statistics, real-time monitoring to data flow

• Diagnostic records of each interface module

• Communication statuses record of serial port, network, audio and video interface

• APP running real-time monitoring

Clock synchronization

NTP clock synchronization and remote management platform clock synchronization, the time zone can be set

Security management

• Diagnostic records of each interface module

• Communication statuses record of serial port, network, audio and video interface

• APP running real-time monitoring

Remote management / maintenance / upgrade - help enterprises reduce maintenance costs

•Support local / remote platform upgrades for firmware / patch

•Support parameter backup and import, support private key import / export configuration parameters

•Support the multi parameters and multi functions combining & switching, which are independently developed by Hongdian, and realize the flexible and fast communication switching in multi servers

• Provide system local logs and remote log sending, achieve real-time network monitoring

M2M cloud platform management to achieve large-scale business and centralized management

• Equipment failure alarm, improve the on-line rate of equipment in remote areas

• Cloud platform location management, managing lower machine with remote transmission

• Cloud platform remote statistical, analyzing equipment reported running status

• Support SIM card management, no need for fixed IP, enhancing large-scale management capabilities

• Remote upgrades of systems and application components, support remote APP upgrade and rollback

• Multiple encryption techniques to ensure data security in communication links

H9380P is industrial grade, powered by Android PC.

It has various interfaces, including serial port, USB port, ethernet port, providing  4G connectivity to differnet end devices. It equips with 2 HDMI ports, supporting dual displays with different content. H9380P provides stable 4G internet connectivity, and it supports auto-redial to keep devices always online.

Industrial design, stable operation of 7*24h

• High performance industrial level 32 bit communication processor wireless module

• Metal case, protection grade of IP30, the shell is isolated from the internal system in security, especially suitable for industrial control field applications

• Antenna interface of lightning protection

High performance processor

High-grade protection

Lightning protection


  • High Performance CPU, Large Memory, Android System.
  • Full Interfaces Types(RJ45, RS232, USB, HDMI, VGA, SPK, MIC).
  • High-speed 3G/4G Link Auto Switch, Auto Failover Recovery.
  • APP Operation, Easy Secondary Development, Device Status Monitoring.
  • Support Multiple Screens Display, Self-adaption Screen Size.
  • Intelligent Temperature Control Inside, Access External Sensors.
  • GPS Inside, Hongdian Cloud Platform Remote Maintenance .




Dual core 1GHz (quad core optional)



Built-in storage

SSD 64-512GB (optional)

External storage

TF card, up to 64GB


Android 4.4.2 or above


+12VDC (power adapter optional)

Power consumption

<15W(standard version)

Idle:300mA@+12V DC

Maximum:1200mA@+12V DC

Working tempature

-20℃ ~ +70℃

Storge tempature

-40℃ ~ +85℃


Aluminum shell, no-fan design, adopt wide temperature range


L*W*H =276.0mm×156.9mm×46.7mm (without antenna, interface, or bracket)

Working humidity

≤95% (No condensation)

Rear panel interface

4 * RJ45 Ethernet ports

2 * USB2.0 ports

1 * HDMI 1.4

1 * VGA

1 * SPK

1 * MIC

1 * 2PIN power connector

1 * power switch

4 * indicator (power, network, system/APP, signal strength)

1 * return button

Front panel interface

2 * 3G/4G SMA

1 * WiFi SMA (optional)

1* bluetooth antenna

3 * DB9 RS232 serial port

4 * USB 2.0

1 * Micro SD(TF)

1 * SIM

1 * 12PIN connector(3*RS232, 2*RS485,1*GND, 1*5V output)

Internal interface

1 * SIM card slot

1 * 3G/4G modem interface

1* LVDS interface

1 * Bluetooth(optional)

1 * WiFi(optional)


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