IoT cloud platform

IoT cloud platform

Hongdian’s cloud management platform is a comprehensive system providing customers with scaled management devices capability . It is a self-running platform for operators,agents,and integrator, customers can install and manage the platform on their own.

Hongdian M2M cloud management platform

Hongdian’s cloud management platform is a place you can monitor all your network device status and preventive maintenance.

Strong terminal monitoring capability

· Management capability of over 1,000,000 device at the same time.

· Gather data every 10 minutes

· Generate a report every hour

· Real-time alert by SMS or Email

Remote maintenance, lower manpower cost

· Batch update or config during spare time.

· Remote viewing of online state

· Full access and operating log

· Traffic monitor and rank

Detailed report, easy management

· Traffic report

· Online report

· Fault report

· New device report

· Network quality report

· Regular report every week and month

· Customize report

 · LBS service

· GPS location

· Wi-Fi & Cell track location

· Auto grouping

1.Strong management capacity

Up to 100K terminals manageable

Terminals to be grouped on the platform to make the management simple

Users' authorization management

2.Remotely manage routers/modems to lower the management cost

Upgrade firmware or patches configure parameter of router/modems remotely

Trouble shooting remotely, alarm email

Locate router remotely to get to know the position of devices

3.Remotely monitor devices working status

Online/offline, device name, flow, IP, network type, signal, location can be monitored remotely in real time

4.Multiple reports with chart

Online rate, total flow, cell switch signal report with chart for more intuitive view

5.Multiple alarms for quick response

Online rate, total flow, cell switch and signal strength alarms setting to make the management easy and simple

Focusing on IoT market , helps customers improve the capability of decision-making and controlling

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