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5G & Wi-Fi 6 is the coming future. As one of the world’s leading M2M & IoT product providers, Hongdian release the A500 series aimed the 5G FWA market.

Hongdian provides professional OEM/ODM services, and more modalities of cooperation are open for discussion.

Qualcomm 5G 3GPP Rel.16 WIFI6 IEEE 802.11b/g/n/ac/ax Support 2.4G/5G 4x4 MIMO Global band Built-in antenna Design


Smart home

Business trip

Secure surveillance


OEM(Original Equipment Manufacturer)
The brand merchants provide the new products R&D with the core technology they owned. Hongdian manufacture the products with the technology for the brand owners to sales under their brands.
JDM(Joint Design Manufacture)
The products design and development is done by both customers and Hongdian, who make use of the advantage to define products. In other words, Hongdian joins the process of customer’s R&D and the product is finally made by Hongdian and sold by customers.
ODM(Original Design Manufacture)
ODM also called private label. It means Hongdian both design and manufacture products that are intended to rebranded by another company. The customer require to use their brand into production and will sales the product in their channel.
EMS(Electronics Manufacturing Services)
Different from the mode mentioned above, EMS means Hongdian not only provide the manufacture services but also provide the package solution included design, manufacture, test, material management, logistics, maintenance and so on.

Company Profile

24+ years IoT/M2M experience

10,000,000+ online globally

Chosen by 30,000+ clients

One of the largest industrial router manufacturers in china

The best-selling Chinese brand for 5G devices

53% of all employees are working on R&D

Company Profile

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