5G Smart Factory


Strengthening information management, formulating effective production plans with big data, IoT and other technologies help factory become smart. In the production of large enterprises, cross factory and cross regional equipment maintenance, remote problem debug and other scenarios are often involved. At the same time, more and more data need to be collected and transmitted in the smart factory. The existing wired, Wi-Fi or 4G wireless networks can not meet the needs like large bandwidth, low delay, large number of connections and other network requirements of industrial production. Hongdian provides 5G connection solution fits the requirement perfectly.


In the past, using WLAN or other connection could cause a lot of instability. The operation of AGV can only rely on manual observation. Without target search, manual reset is the only option once problem occurs. Meantime, the bandwidth is not enough to support the video upload and data acquisition requirement. A reliable, seamless and fast wireless network is necessary for the customer to realize automatic and cost-effective production.


Hongdian 5G industrial gateway Z2 can be used to connect with PLC and controller of AGV, RGV and forklift, and to provide high-reliability and low-delay 5G private network which can replacing the WLAN networking for unmanned control. Alarm and location information can be reported to cloud platform through 5G network, and the maintenance personnel can debug and fix the issue remotely and efficiently. The compact size of Hongdian Z2 simplified the installation process, and ensure the signal reception with its external 5G antennas in the mean time. Large AGV software program can ensure the network compatibility. Z2 can be assigned with fixed IP address. By adjusting AGV program and Z2 gateway port mapping function, data can be forwarded to the AGV directly and realizing the connection between large AGV and the platform.

Topology Diagram


More Efficient- 5G cell has no switching and low delay in a large range, enable logistics AGV and RGV runs at high speed. The operation efficiency of equipment assets and throughput of warehouse production line have been greatly improved.

Larger Scale- 5G has large concurrent capability, which can support thousands of AGVs in intensive warehouses to runs simultaneously, and the site cost is greatly reduced.

Lower Cost- Wi-Fi antenna installation and maintenance is complex and expensive. 5G network has no contact, no vibration and few antenna points.

Better Performance- 5G has lower latency, less packet loss and strong stability which is better than Wi-Fi or 4G. Downloading time will be reduced greatly.

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