Air Compressor Monitoring System


In recent years, air compressors have become indispensable power equipment in industrial plants. Large-scale air compressor stations usually have multiple sets of equipment to ensure the needs of different loads. Ensuring qualified air supply quality, meeting stable air supply pressure, and automatic adjustment of air supply flow are the basic tasks of air compressor station automation. With the continuous improvement of the level of automation, the requirement of building unmanned air compressor stations has become a development trend. Hongdian has rich experience in the field of industrial Internet of Things. Aiming at the Internet of things for air compressors, Hongdian has introduced energy-saving, intelligent, safe, remote monitoring, and fault warning air compressor system Internet of things solutions.


However, there are still a lot of problems among manufacturers, middlemen, and end users in the current air compressor market. This has severely restricted the development of the air compressor market. As a medium-to-large electromechanical equipment, air compressors have consistently high power consumption, which invisibly increases corporate costs. At the same time, air compressors will inevitably produce a large number of after-sales maintenance and troubleshooting requirements during long-term use. At present, most companies use manual regular inspection and processing methods. This method wastes a lot of manpower, and has poor immediacy. Inefficiency, the face of emergencies not only affects the production operations of the enterprise, but even safety accidents may occur.


In view of the three major problems of high energy consumption, expensive maintenance and large stock in the air compressor market, Hongdian launched an energy-saving solution for on-line monitoring of air compressors. Sensors, control boards, electronic valves and electricity meter of the air compressor system. Hongdian H8922S Router provides RS-232/485/488 serial port, LAN network port and other equipment to access the above devices, which are transmitted and collected to the air compressor online monitoring cloud platform through the 4G/5G network. The cloud platform can remotely monitor and control the operation of air compressor equipment, provide better equipment configuration, and reduce the energy consumption cost and labor cost of air compressor work. Based on the experience of the industry, Hongdian provides better solutions to enable the whole system to land faster and enable manufacturers to improve economic benefits.

Topology Diagram


Efficiency & Energy saving - Combined with the IoT technology, the system can manage air compressors in a more refined way and realizes the integrated management of industrial air compressors with efficiency and energy saving.

Early Warning Detection - Through big data analysis, the system compares standard parameters, realizes fault diagnosis, predicts the dangerous point of the unit, promptly reminds the enterprise, and arranges enterprise operation and maintenance work.

Time Plan - The start and stop time of the equipment can be set remotely, and customers can set the equipment on time according to the production plan and temporary conditions.

Rich Industrial Protocol - Compatible with the mainstream industrial agreement: COAP/ MQTT/ HTTPS/ CAN/ MODBUS/PROFINET, etc. 

Remote Manage - Hongdian Wedora Cloud Platform remote batch management of Hongdian H8951 Router, monitoring of equipment operation, monitoring online/offline status, signal strength, data traffic of the routers, and instant e-mail alarm when issue happens.

Data Encryption Tunnel - Various of VPN protocols supported, includes IPsec VPN, OpenVPN, PPTP/L2TP, DMVPN, GRE. Data flow will be encrypted with advanced algorithms when being transmitted on the internet.

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Focusing on IoT market , helps customers improve the capability of decision-making and controlling

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