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The COVID-19 pandemic has prompted thousands of companies worldwide to shift from an office-based business model to a remote work from home model. Analysts predict that remote work is here to stay, even after the corona virus threat dissipates, since many companies have established work from home capabilities and workflows that didn’t exist before.

Fortunately, internet service providers and wireless carriers have started to offer much-anticipated 5G services. This couldn’t come at a better time, as our dependence upon the internet and our bandwidth usage has literally never been greater. So let’s take a look at the COVID-19 work from home trend and the 5G impact on business and beyond.


Helping employees work from home (WFH) is more important but challenging than ever. Sometimes sending mission-critical workers home with a laptop, printer, and teleconferencing app isn’t enough especially if they’re using a wired consumer router. What they need is a reliable, high-bandwidth, secure, and easy-to-deploy solution. Meanwhile, IT requires centralized control of WAN and LAN connectivity, cyber security measures, and application management. HD X2 edge routers unlock the power of LTE and 5G for efficiently managed remote work from anywhere.


H8860 is a product released by Hongdian Company for FWA, which can be connected to 5G NSA and SA networks. In the actual network environment, the download speed of H8860 can reach 800Mbps. Built-in Qualcomm chip provide powerful computing and ensure to remote office replacement smoothly. It supports 2.4G and 5.8G Wi-Fi at the same time, up to 64 client access, and various types of VPNs like L2tp, PPTP, IPSec, DMVPN, which can guarantee data security at all times.

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Extend a dedicated enterprise network to workers at home

Provide remote employees with constant LTE and Wi-Fi connectivity and consistent performance that’s isolated from the home network their families use.

Control the network as if everyone’s at the office

Enable the IT team to centrally control network security, availability, management, device access, and traffic usage wherever they’re working from.

Equip employees to easily set up enterprise connectivity

Send employees preconfigured, remotely optimized solutions that can be plugged in, set up, and connected in a few minutes. No on-site IT pros required.

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