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Digital Signage, a new media concept with multimedia professional audiovisual system, placed in large shopping malls, supermarkets, hotel lobby, restaurants, cinemas, etc., publishing business, financial and entertainment information by large screen terminal display equipment. It allowing particular people be exposure to advertisements in the specific time period. Digital signage is “fifth media” beyond paper media, radio, television and internet. Digital Signage is the “fifth media” beyond the paper media, radio, television and internet. Hongdian launched wireless network solutions for digital signage, to solve the problem that network cable can not deployed in some places. Achieve remote update of digital signage advertising and system configuration without wiring cable. With the development of modern technology, the application of digital display technology will be everywhere, and digital signage industry will also enter the wireless era.


It takes time to install traditional landline network, and updating the advertisements manually is a tedious job. It’s hard for large company to manage. Considered that a single operator might be responsible for thousands of screens placed around the significant area, we found that manual uploading may not be a good option. For better efficiency, the operator must be able to upload and control content in real time. The separate digital signage have higher requirements in centralized management and maintenance. The wired digital signage will out of network if the network cable is broken or damaged. It need someone to repair onsite and it takes time for the network recovery.


With Hongdian H9380P IPC, digital signage can get rid of fixed broadband connections and be placed anywhere. The media player is responsible for playback of marketing content, such as pictures or video, through Hongdian H9380P IPC is the device which enables the remote upload and management of such content. With 4G/5G module built-in, Hongdian H9380P is perfect for digital signage solutions. Compatible with Hongdian Wedora remote management platform, H9380P is easy to deploy and scale. The user can manage content on media players.

Topology Diagram


With Hongdian Wedora Cloud Management Platform, the administrators can easily manage & control of thousands of router in different places.

Quick and simple to deploy in anywhere with 4G/5G network, no need to wait for wired internet access deployment and installation. The external antenna ensures a good signal.

Hongdian H9380P’s small size allowing it to be installed even in the most compact place.

Hongdian H9380P Series supports multi-link access like 4G/5G, WLAN, and supports multiple link-backup modes to ensure access to the Internet stably. Ensure the equipment maintain stable network connection in the complex indoor and outdoor conditions.

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