Intelligent CNC Machine


Intelligent factory, intelligent production, intelligent logistics has become the direction of industrial 4.0 development. CNC machine tool is working in the first line of production, directly involved in production and processing. They are an important part of intelligent production. The demand for CNC machine tools has increased significantly. CNC machine tool are the blood of the factory, and the production produced by CNC machine tools are hematopoiesis of factory. Hematopoiesis needs to continue, so the CNC machine tool need to work stably. Hongdian has a lot of successful experience in industrial factories, which enable smart factories to be quickly built and put into use,and the factory operates more efficiently and produces greater benefits.


Because machine tool equipment manufacturers have a wide product coverage and a wide after-sales service area, after-sales maintenance of equipment has become a big problem; unable to guarantee the reliable and stable operation of equipment and reduce unnecessary downtime; The level of equipment operators is uneven, and some minor problems may require on-site after-sales personnel to deal with, which reduces the use efficiency of maintenance personnel and increases maintenance costs; Equipment in the production of problems, manufacturers and customers are not satisfied with using 24 hours to solve the problem, but require immediate response and solve the problem; When the manufacturer and customer give feedback on equipment problems, the described problems are not real problems due to the difference in personal expression or insufficient accuracy of the feedback personnel.


Hongdian has an in-depth understanding of the needs of CNC machine tool equipment, providing it to provide CNC machine data acquisition and edge computing plan.The system uses the Hongdian X2 industrial intelligent IoT gateway to realize the equipment manufacturer's technical service center and the ground around the machine tool, providing 4G/5G stable transmission Channel, real-time transmission of machine data to the technical service background, management of remote field equipment and data, real-time management of infrastructure in real time, to achieve real-time machine sense of time, alarms and regular maintenance reminders. Prior to service in advance, the reduction of problems facilitates maintenance.

Topology Diagram


Fast System Deployment - The construction period is short and the deployment is simple. The device port is simple and easy to connect, and the configuration is simple and easy to understand.

Localized Edge Computing - Network edge interconnection to realize localized data storage and processing, Reduce network overhead and back-end platform pressure.

Remote Management and Monitoring - the Hongdian Wedora cloud platform remotely manages the Hongdian X2 in batches, monitors the operation of the equipment, and monitors the online status, signal strength, and data flow of the router in real time. Instant email alerts when problems occur.

Industrial Environment Design - All routers and gateways of Hongdian have a wide operating temperature range and a sturdy and durable shell, which are designed for working in complex environments around the clock.

Abundant Interfaces - Hongdian X2 has abundant interfaces, including RJ45/RS232/RS485/CAN/IO/USB/Wi-Fi, etc., which can meet all kinds of equipment access.

Rich Industrial Protocols - compatible with mainstream industrial protocols: COAP/MQTT/HTTPS/CAN/MODBUS/PROFINET, etc.

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Focusing on IoT market , helps customers improve the capability of decision-making and controlling

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