Intelligent Transformer Substation


The energy market is one of the most important industrial sectors in our daily lives. It needs constant development and innovation to make it more accessible and more effective. A substation is a place where large capacity electricity is converted to local electricity or local electricity is converted to large capacity electricity. The Industrial Internet of Things is a move toward greater connectivity and control in all aspects of industrial digitization, and the energy sector is no exception. At present, distributed substation has been widely used in the power system, but because of the wide distribution range, the cost of on-site duty arrangement is high. With deep experience in the power industry, Grand Power has launched smart substation solutions to achieve remote monitoring and management of substations.


How to ensure transformer substation system reliable and stable? How to prevent and avoid the failures? It’s critical for monitoring and management such as devices operation status of main control room, real-time status of main transformer, circuit breaker and isolating switch, fire alarm and video camera real-time monitoring in transformer substation system. Due to the unmanned transformer substation in remote and distributed environment, the wired monitoring and management is obviously not realistic.


Detect the voltage and current sensors of the entrance and outlet circuits of the main transformer, the operation status of all equipment, circuit breakers and isolation switches in the control room, fire, flooding alarm, control room camera monitoring, the collected data are transmitted back to the general command center by Hongdian X2 IoT Industrial Gateway, and at the same time monitor whether the data of multiple transformer stations are normal, there is no need to send manual on-site duty. When the power transformation problem occurs, the problem of the transformer station can be remotely checked and solved. There is also an early warning report for fires and flooding, and can be dealt with in time when the shoots appear.

Topology Diagram


Advanced Firmware Functionality - Hongdian RouterOS includes support for industrial, networking and remote management protocols, such as Modbus RTU, MQTT, SNMP and features firewall and multiple supported VPN services.

Deep Research and Development Strength - Tailored optimization services, deep adaptation is made for the numerous and complex sensors used in the power grid. With professional R&D team, Hongdian tailed the issues in customer application and offered corresponding customized solution promptly.

Remote Manage and Monitor - Remote real-time monitoring and fault diagnosis, connect to the cloud platform to control and operate the substation by Hongdian 4G/5G router in the main monitoring room.

Industrial Environmental Design - All Hongdian’s Routers and gateways have a wide operating temperature range and a hard rugged shell, designed to work in a complex environment around the clock.

Strict Factory Inspection and Certification - The Hongdian X2 Router is strictly tested by insulating resistors, insulation strength, surge interference, electrostatic discharge interference, high and low temperature, radio frequency radiation electromagnetic field, and power frequency magnetic fields. Through national 3C/Rosh certification, meet the standards of each country.

Improved Reliability and Efficiency - Due to the implementation of condition based maintenance, the times and time of line blackout are reduced, the reliability of power supply is improved, the loss of power supply is avoided, and the labor productivity of the whole power department is improved.

Rich Interfaces - Hongdian X2 IOT Industrial Gateway has enriched interfaces, including RJ45 / RS232 / RS485 / CAN / IO / USB / Wi-Fi, etc. Meet all kinds of equipment access.

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