IoT Injection Molding Machine System


With the continuous upgrading of the manufacturing industry, traditional manufacturing is developing towards intelligent manufacturing. Equipment networking, informatization, and intelligent management are issues that manufacturing enterprises urgently need to solve. Injection molding machine manufacturers are facing the challenge of industrial transformation. The automotive, construction, household appliances, medical and other industries have increasing demand for injection molded products, with the market for injection molding machines is constantly expanding, the "energy saving, environmental protection, high precision, automation, networking" has also become an increasingly obvious trend. Based on industrial experience, Hongdian provides a complete set of solutions to help customers land faster and make the injection molding machine become intelligent and energy saving.


At present, important data such as operating status, fault alarms, and fault types of injection molding machine equipment are manually recorded by employees, which is poor in real-time and accuracy. The lack of real-time monitoring and accurate analysis of on-site data makes it difficult for production managers to grasp the equipment operating status and evaluate and maintain in real time. In addition, most of the domestic injection molding industry is outdated equipment. There are many industrial control protocols and communication protocols in different process equipment of different industrial enterprises, which makes it difficult to interconnect and communicate equipment with different protocols.


Through the Hongdian X2 IOT Industrial Gateway, with RS-232 / 485 serial port, LAN network port, etc., can be connected to the injection molding machine sensor, control board to obtain data, compatible with hundreds of industrial communication protocols, through 4G / 5G / WIFI and other networks real-time. The sensor of the injection molding machine is collected into the equipment status, operating parameters and other data to the injection molding machine cloud. The platform can display the current equipment operation status in real time, record the time when the equipment failure occurs, and then automatically comprehensively analyze the equipment operation, output, shutdown, and various fault data, so as to facilitate the understanding of the field equipment situation, improve the equipment utilization rate, and then improve the efficiency, reduce operating costs.

Topology Diagram


Monitor Machines - Through the Hongdian X2 access to the injection molding machine, the operation status information of production and processing is obtained, and display in the injection molding machine management system.

Data Encryption Tunnel - Various of VPN protocols supported, includes IPsec VPN, OpenVPN, PPTP/L2TP, DMVPN, GRE. Data flow will be encrypted with advanced algorithms when being transmitted on the internet.

Rich Interfaces - Hongdian X2 has enriched interfaces, including RJ45 / RS232 / RS485 / CAN / IO / USB / Wi-Fi, etc. Meet all kinds of equipment access.

Rich Industrial Protocol - Compatible with the mainstream industrial agreement: COAP/ MQTT/ HTTPS/ CAN/ MODBUS/PROFINET, etc.

Time Plan - It can remotely set the equipment on and off time, and customers can set the equipment on time according to the production plan and temporary conditions.

Remote Manage - Hongdian Wedora Cloud Platform remote batch management of equipment, monitoring of equipment operation, monitoring real time online status, signal strength, data traffic of the routers. Instant e-mail alarm when issue happens.

Efficiency & Energy Saving - The system combines the IoT technology to manage injection molding machine in a more refined and dynamic way, and realizes the integrated management of industrial injection molding machine with efficiency and energy saving.

Industrial Environmental Design - All Hongdian’s Routers and gateways have a wide operating temperature range and a hard rugged shell, designed to work in a complex environment around the clock.

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