Management Solution of Medical Machines


CT, MRI, DR system software, medical X-ray machines and other large-scale medical treatments machines are now very important to people's health. They are important signs of hospital modernization and play an important role in the process of medical diagnosis. With the demand for medical engineering personnel is higher and higher and the demand for medical equipment talents is also increasing, more and more high-tech is applied to medical equipment. If there is no advanced system to maintain and clinical equipment, it can directly affect the monitoring effect and affect the life safety of patients.


Most medical device manufacturers do not regularly test and manage medical devices. Since the machinery and equipment will be exported to all parts of the country, manufacturers are unlikely to send the necessary equipment to every region because this will increase operating costs. Moreover, based on language communication or e-mail communication, it may cause problems such as unclear description of the problem, which makes it difficult for professional and technical personnel to identify the problem.


H8951S is the perfect choice for this solution. Since it includes a variety of different components using wired and wireless connections, it needs to have a wide range of connectors and interfaces to integrate everything into a fully functional system that can be monitored remotely. This highly secure and reliable industrial router is equipped with Ethernet, RS232, RS485, and Wi-Fi. The rich interfaces make it possible to network medical equipment, and all of these can be easily managed through our remote management system (RMS).

Topology Diagram


Real-Time Remote Monitoring - Easily transmit data between devices and provide diagnostic services.

Equipment Reliability and Longevity – By connecting key assets, Hongdian has achieved new insights into hospital operations, enabling medical staff to monitor and maintain key equipment more easily.

Enable Access to Remote Systems - Get real-time access to home health systems with easy-to-deploy cellular router solutions.

Accelerate Time to Market - Lower your device development time significantly with intelligent ARM-based systems and Certified RF solutions.

Lower Operational Costs – Reduce maintenance time and increase efficiencies by using wireless systems and sensors.

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