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In recent years, traffic accidents have occurred frequently due to human factors such as drivers driving illegally, poor management of operating units, and uncontrollable factors such as weather and roads. The safety of passenger vehicles has become the focus of attention of the whole society. Public buses, being a major part of public transportation system, is closely related to the safety of the people’s lives and the development and stability of the social economy. Nowadays it is also a public social security issue that is highly valued. Hongdian based on more than a decade of experience in developing and implementing video surveillance for public transportation, have developed a wide series of powerful solutions that can solve many potential issues which had troubled the fleet operators, drivers, and passengers, to offer a more secure, more efficient and more profits environment for the whole society.


According to the results of random inspections by the traffic control department, several items such as vehicle speeding, personnel overload, fatigue driving, illegal parking and disembarking, and illegal operations between 2 am and 5 am have become the most common problems in the management of long-distance passenger vehicles. Due to the lack of effective supervision methods, many areas still have illegal operations such as cross-region solicitation and embezzlement of fares. At the same time, illegal acts such as robbery, theft, and fights on long-distance passenger vehicles also occur from time to time. Therefore, how to ensure the safe and reliable operation of intercity transportation buses and protect the lives and property of the people is a major problem for passenger transport companies and traffic control departments.


Hongdian Technology Co., Ltd. has launched a set of active safety dynamic intelligent monitoring system for long-distance passenger vehicles, which integrates the latest DSM fatigue driving monitoring and active safety defense (ADAS) technology. Through this system, operating companies can effectively regulate driver behavior and eliminate behaviors such as overloading, speeding, detouring, illegal stopping, and fatigue driving reduce the incidence of long-distance passenger vehicle accidents and illegal acts, and provide effective basis for traffic accidents, illegal evidence collection, and personnel disputes.

Topology Diagram


Event Linkage Alarm

For all vehicles connected to the network, in an emergency, the driver only needs to press the alarm switch, and the monitoring center will receive the alarm information within 5 seconds. At the same time, the monitoring center will receive the pictures captured by the monitoring terminal, automatically turn on the audio monitoring in the car, and work the personnel direct the work.

Accident Analysis and Evidence Collection

The whole process of video monitoring and recording of the operating conditions of the vehicles and the work of the staff, through the GPS track query, can monitor the operating conditions of the operating vehicles in real time, and this information can also provide strong evidence for accident inquiries and liability identification.

Active Security Defense (ADAS)

It can realize the functions of vehicle collision warning and lane departure warning to avoid potential safety hazards.

DSM Driving Behavior Analysis

Real-time monitoring of drivers' driving behavior can realize fatigue driving reminders and effective supervision of drivers' illegal driving behaviors.

Beidou/GPS Dual-mode Positioning

All vehicles can be located and monitored in real time, the monitoring data can be recorded, and the historical operation of the vehicles can be replayed when needed.

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