Video Upload In The Bus Station


Based on the consideration of passenger safety, most bus operators have deployed DVR equipment on the bus. DVR can record the situation on the bus through video. With the development of mobile Internet technology, the video on DVR can be uploaded to monitoring center via Wi-Fi or LTE. Which could avoids the inconvenience caused by the operator who needs to check the video on the bus.


Bus operating companies often encounter the following two problems in their daily management.

1. Operators need to check the video on the bus, which increases the cost of operation

2. How to upload the video in the DVR to the monitoring center in the lowest and most optimal way


1. Hongdian H8951 can provide DVR network connection through Wi-Fi or LTE.

2. In multi-AP application scenarios, H8951 can be connected to the AP with the latest distance or the best signal.

3. In areas with WiFi signal coverage at bus station, H8951 can automatically switch to WiFi connection to ensure that videos can be uploaded in the lowest cost way.

4.In areas without WiFi signal coverage, H8951 can automatically switch to LTE connection to ensure uninterrupted connection.

Topology Diagram


1. Support WiFi/LTE failover, save cost for customer

2. Real time online status, signal strength, data traffic of the routers and instant e-mail alarm through RMS

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