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Smart your business with IoT
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How Banks Can Take Advantage of IoT ?
With the great increase of banks informationization level and consumers demands, how to manage the system risk and ensure the use-friendly experience have become the urgent problems for the bank, the appearance of IoT is changing the face of bank services. Take the ATMs as example, before the days of IoT, the ATMs could only be placed where landline connectivity was available with long installation time and high cost. but now the ATMs powered by IoT could be removable, flexible, economic and smart. According to the reports, the global ATM market is expected to reach $21.9 billion by 2020, With the huge market shares and great opportunities, next let’s talk about that how IoT helps bank improve the management, reduce the cost and boost its the user experiences in a smarter way.
Wired or Wiress ATMs ?
Comparison Categories Current Solution IoT Solution
· Networking method · Landline access · Support both Wireless and landline networking
· Installation · waiting for the company to activate the landline · Use mobile network access to expand business in advance
· Security threats · VPN · VPDN network+VPN
· Maintainability & Platform Management · Supports remote login and maintenance of a single device · Support the remote maintenance of a single device and easy mass maintenance and modification
· Traceability · view the log locally · Login status, modification configuration and other activities will be reported to the platform and recorded.
· Cost price · landline cost · landline cost + mobile network costs or cheaper if double mobile network backup cost
Wireless ATMs Networking Solution Features
No.1 Send data securely and consistently
Customization with embedded programming,Built-in VPN,SSL encryption,event logging,Closable lan port with other remote configurable tools prevent the unplanned visit and illegal invasion
No.2 Mobility
Easy to install temporary ATMs where a wired connection is impractical, The ATM can move anywhere, anytime, for any reason
No.3 Easy managing
Centralized management to monitor the status and location of ATMs at real time
No.4 Fast and effective installation
No need wire, Plug the wireless box into the ATM and a power source and all is done Cellular routers support 3G and 4G/LTE networks,easily integrated into the ATMs, reduce the cost and lower the installation time
H8922S Brings secure connections to wireless ATMs
  • Dual SIM for carrier redundancy
  • Bandwidth bonding/aggregation
  • Advanced security features (VPN and event logging)
  • Enterprise routing protocol support
  • Customization with embedded programming
  • Automated fail-over and fail-back,never go down time
  • Remote device management and reporting through wedora cloud platform
  • 4 LAN, 1 WAN, GPIO, RS-232/RS-485
  • Industrial grade quality EMC4
  • Get Pricing/Info
  • Secure ATMs
  • Gamimg & lottery
  • Manufacturing Automation
  • Smart Grid
Successful Cases
Hongdian Smart wireless ATMs solution has successfully applied in global ATMs market and helps our partner cover more than 70% market share of wireless ATMs in Thailand.
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