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Jun./2018 NO.3
Automatic Meter Reading Solution
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Why Is Automatic Meter Reading Trend ?
Metering has become a part and parcel of our mundane lives, But there are many issues like need for human resources, efficiency, accuracy,delayed work, unavailability of customer during metering visit by employee,etc in the traditional meter reading system, the appearance of automatic meter reading system changed this situation. Automatic meter reading system is the technology of automatically collecting consumption, diagnostic, and status data from meter devices and transferring that data to a central database for billing, troubleshooting, and analyzing. It could help the customer and energy provider to access the accurate and updated data from the meter in a hourly, monthly, yearly basis on request or even in real time. it is more economical and helps to save energy in a more efficient and effective way. Furthermore it has a very notable advantage of having the ability to predict the energy demands of the future, starting from every household to the entire planet. According to the report, annual growth in the global water metering market is expected to grow from US$3.7 billion now to US$7.5bn by 2026, with the great growth of metering usage , how to improve the metering efficiency and save energy have attacked the attention of many governments.
Meter Reading : Traditional VS Smart
Categories Traditional Solution Smart Solution
· Data storage · No data storage · Stores electricity consumption every half an hour
· Meter Reading · A meter reader physically comes to your home or business and send the record to the metering company · Data is automatically transmitted to the metering company
· Tracking electricity use · Electricity use can only be tracked by either waiting for your quarterly bill or manually reading your household meter yourself · Digital data of energy consumption and time of use can be provided in near real-time
· Outage detection · No outage detection, which means distribution companies cannot react as quickly to interruptions in supply · Automated outage detection allows distribution companies to restore power quicker than traditional meters
· Connections and disconnections · Connections and disconnections must be done manually, slowing down the process when you move house or change energy retailer · Connections and disconnections are faster due to remote management
· Management · Manage manually · Centralized management to monitor the status and location of meters at real time
The Advantages of Hongdian LoRa Automatic Metering Read Solution
LoRa module easily embedded into meter
Battery life over 10 years
Long distances/high coverage
Remote devices monitoring
API interfaces for ease of development
Integrated solution with LoRa Node & Gateway & Management Platform
Hongdian LoRa Module & Gateway Features
  • LoRa module A10L
  • Low Power Consumption
  • Long Transmission Distance (2-10km)
  • EU 868MHz/US 915MHz/AS 430MHz/EU 433MHz
  • easy to embed
  • Smart metering
  • Smart parking
  • Smart street lamp
  • Water monitoring
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