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Aug./2018 NO.4
A10S RTU water quality monitoring solution
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Why water quality monitoring ?
With the rapid development of global economy, the large number of chemicals used in our everyday lives and in commerce that can make their way into our waters. According to the World Water Assessment Programme report, every day a staggering two million tons of human waste is disposed into water courses, keeping tabs on water quality is critical. So smart water quality monitoring solution is increasingly required, especially the LoRa network development enjoys great popularity due to its lower power consumption, long transmission distance, wide coverage.
Hongdian water quality monitoring solution
Solution Brief Intro
Hongdian water quality monitoring solution consists of sorts of sensors, Hongdian A10s RTU, LoRa gateway, cloud platform. Sensors acquire the data of PH levels, Turbidity, salinity, Temperature and more and send data to A10S by Analog input or R232, A10S translates analog data into digital data, then transmits the digital data to A10 G by loRa, A10G uploads the digital data to platform by 4G, Clients provide API or use Hongidan’s APP to access Hongdian platform for remote managing.
Topological diagram
Hongdian LoRa Module & Gateway Features
  • 12-bit sampling analog-to-digital converter
  • Automatic report & timing sampling
  • -20~+70 harsh environment 7*24h connectivity
  • Dual serial ports Up to 921600 baud rate Analog input, RS232, RS485
  • Ultra low power mode, controlled power output Idle consumption < 10μA
  • World-wide 4G compatible MQTT/Modbus
  • Reprogramming Python and c
  • Industrial Automation
  • Meteorological
  • Precision Agriculture
  • Automatic Meter Reading
  • Oil field
  • Energy Monitoring
  • Suitable for scenarios with various sorts of sensors and massive sites
  • Customizable for rich application scenarios
  • Strong management capacity
  • Flexible networking deployment
  • API interfaces for ease of development
  • Remote devices monitoring
  • Multiple reports with chart
  • Water quality anomalies reported immediately
  • Reduce response time to water quality incidents
  • Monitor and optimize water quality and regulatory reporting
  • Real-time situational awareness for water quality and public health
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